The Sweet Raisin

They see darkness circling around daylight,

A female walking proudly – what a sight!

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A beauty exhibiting its kindness,

regardless of the struggles she harness.

Prejudice based on the color of skin,

nevertheless she is a sweet raisin.


Living everyday to make her ends meet,

often ending with body tired and beat.

Recognition and respect she beseech,

dreaming each day that her children will reach.

After all the discrimination seen

nevertheless she is a sweet raisin


Working hard each day to reach her success

Her smiles try to overcome life’s doses.

Disregarding the elements of stress,

trying to fix a life that is a mess

After all the oppression she has been,

nevertheless she is a sweet raisin


The woman, proud of her race and color

Disregarding man’s bias and stupor

Leaving behind one sure thing; completeness

Trying to find a place in this vastness

Color is still an issue to be seen

nevertheless she is a sweet raisin


With all this said and done

where efforts and challenges had begun

There must be time and equal space

For a successful and relevant case

Despite all things she is experiencing

nevertheless she is a sweet raisin


Her feeling is described as bittersweet

Wishing everyday the sun she will greet

In the horizon the seeds have been grown,

someday the fruits of labor shall be sown

The harvest shall be placed in a basin

and behold with each eye – a sweet raisin.


Moving forward and forgetting the past

Trying to settle the issues that last

Clamoring for acceptance in the world

“It will be their legacy” she’d been told

Go out and tell the world what you have been

Be proud that you are a black woman – sweet raisin