Specific Teaching Methods of Elementary Mathematics

Mathematics is not an easy subject for most students. Some even do not like the subject at all. On the contrary, Math is a very interesting subject to learn because it can be applied to one’s everyday routines. Mathematics is being used in almost all fields of study. But why do some students never got to enjoy studying Math? It is primarily because of the lack of foundation inculcated unto them since grade school. Yes, there are calculators, multiplication tables and all those cheat sheets that can be used to make computations easy. However, knowing the facts and understanding them are still required for one to appreciate those numbers found in those materials. “Having an ability to manipulate numbers in your head and on paper in a flexible manner is still critical to mathematical thinking. It also facilitates the ability to do any higher mathematics.” (Woodward, n.d.)

Accuracy and Automation in Subtraction

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Subtraction is the concept of mathematics which is built around addition. The two mathematical operations go hand in hand. One way for students to understand subtraction better and make them answer questions faster is to teach them the basic facts of subtraction. As per Woodward (n.d.), there are easy facts and hard facts. Make the students understand the easy facts first by teaching them first the facts through graphical demonstration using number line or ten frames. This should then be followed by several mastery pages containing about 40 questions each page and the level of difficulty progresses per page. The same pattern is followed with the hard facts but giving more time discussing and letting the students understand and practice them. Another thing that can be incorporated in this program is to let students understand fact families by teaching them the fact family triangles.


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