Skill gapping

This is the difference between the skills required to do the job and those of the applicant.

Skill gapping process

First, get reliable, responsible employee who can get solutions to problems and have social skills and an attitude to work with other employees without any problem.

Employer should be creative to get empowered high performance employee to overcome competition in the current market.

Look for employability skills which include ability to read and write, mathematics, listening and oral communication in order to get high performance of the job. Employee needs ability to listen and follow instructions.

Employee should think critically, get solution and make decision.

Employee should get skill in use of technology and employer helps get more advanced training thus widening gap between higher order skills and academic skills.

Get employee with personal skills which include team spirit, honesty, and self motivation, cooperative and good work ethics. (Nijhof, 1999)


It is used by individual to identify their training needs in carrying out individual development reviews.

It helps health development agency improve the people’s health by looking for solutions to their health problems.

It helps review staff bilities, promote learning and manage development enableling accessibility of skills in public health. this helps assess strength and weaknesses of employee.

Information about individuals and firms in public area like nurses, health visitors, health surveillance and intelligence are available.

Information about public health is available online (Hongoro, 2004).



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