Hine’s description

Hine’s description of our evolution of a growing stage has given me a little concerned of his views. We, the generation X, have tried to change the world through learning new technologies, asking questions, and developing a sense of intellect to lead the world. None of our achievements have been mentioned because his book was written in 1998, but they should be addressed accordingly. We have developed some of the most advanced technologies the world has seen since the Baby Boomers in the earlier years. We have even created a sense of relief for the Millienials to have a reason to speak up for their opinions. Now, we are viewed as a non-hero generation.

If we were to address the issue in deeper context, what generation has been responsible for the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematic) movement? The Millenials needed this in order for America to remain competitive in the global market. We, the generation X, have also lightened the load for the new generation to speed through their educational processes through e-learning. Think about it, without our dedication to rebel against the perceived mentality of our elders – the Millenials would not have a right to voice their opinions on change. We were told to keep our opinions to ourselves and go with the flow, now they are making moves or ordering actions to create a more stable economy. Homage should be paid to the Generation X because we put up with a lot in order to make a way for the new kids to be the way they are. According to Hines, this is a new generation in deed – a generation of unlimited possibilities.