English Social Skills

I take Diploma in Culinary Arts (D. C. A) as my course,because I’m very interested in cooking line, before this I’m in catering education class at my school. My ambition is one day I would like to be come a international chef. To raise the spirit I make Chef Wan as my idol. Since I was like on his cooking and his keriativety, with a variety of cuisine in it’s own way , I joint into this, is because I’am very interested in learning the culinary world with more depth.

Further more, to make my dream come true to open a cafe with international standard, I should studies at IPT, than I choose “Globle intitude of studies”to achive my ambition. Previously I’m active in school. I hve entered the cooking competition at district and state excellence. After joint the cooking competition I began interested to enter in this line. For this cource I’m sure there are a lot of jobs,apportunity for me to apply. I also can save money for my cafe opening in future.

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More than that,I also aspire to further increase my cafe to a higher level so that it can attract tourists as customers from overseas to taste the flavor of my dishes that may represent Malaysia. Finally, I would like to say with the skills and experience I’ve gained in learning this, I will make it as a stepping stone to my future, so I will try a variety of ways to expand my talent to the world. Evidence Evidence is a brought forward to show that something is or is not true.

Crux meaning of crux is difficult part or most important part of a question or problem. Reappraisal Process of examining a situation again in order to decide whether to change any previous decisions . Fluctuate Frequently change from higher to lower. Salute Welcome someone, or show respect to someone,in a special way.