One the major cause that blocks the relationships both at home and work place is the inability to manage one’s emotions. Emotion is a heightened reaction of a person and it is sometimes associated with feelings. Feelings may be a positive or a negative depending on one’s experience. One common feeling that can ruin behavior and interpersonal relationship is anger.  Anger is a feeling of annoyance to somebody who has hurt or treated unfairly. When feel anger you should control your emotions by remaining to be calm. Although, keeping the feeling into ourselves can create a risk to hurt him and others in the process, be sure that you are responsible to your actions. However, there are many ways for us to manage our emotions and one of the many is through self talk or talking to our self.  Managing anger well through rational self talk is good. When you practice self talk, avoid talking negative to yourself because it does not help you anyway. Instead, acknowledge your true feelings by saying it aloud and asking yourself if your negative feeling like anger is useful and if it helps you achieve your goals or it somehow defeats you. Owning your feelings will help you decrease the intensity of the baggage you are carrying at present. Being honest to your feeling will make others understand the moment you change your moods.

Properly manage emotion will benefit harmonious relationship to yourself and others as well. Aside that you are able to control yourself you can think of a better ways for you to solve the problem that create unpleasant feelings to you. If limiting your exposure to the things and to people that trigger your emotions will lessen the burdens then you can excuse yourself from them. Finally, when self talk can no longer manage your emotions, find other healthy alternatives like reading, cooking, going out with friends, exercising and watching funny movies.

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