A joint research initiative between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.

Kentucky Clinical Trials Network


The Kentucky Clinical Trials Network (KCTN) is a centerpiece in the enabling legislation that states the Governance Board will “establish a statewide clinical trial network to make university-based clinical trials available to the community physician in order to bring the most innovative cancer treatments to all Kentuckians in need of these treatments.”

Leadership for the KCTN’s activities initiates with the Governance Board Chairman, the Network Medical Director, Network Director, and a practitioner-based Network Committee.

The KCTN vision, developed by the healthcare community, continues to drive network strategies to assure an alliance of regional, local, and university hospitals and community physicians united in the delivery of clinical trials throughout the Commonwealth.  The network is an autonomous organization guided by the interests of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals; including medical oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons involved in developing/conducting innovative treatments for lung cancer patients.

As a continually developing program, the Network leadership team, Dr. Timothy W. Mullett, Medical Director, and Kris Damron, Network Director, are building a true collaboration across disciplines to use clinical and scientific expertise and existing resources to design and execute innovative and effective projects.

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